Wikiwiki Wahine (Hawaiian for Speedy Women) is a women's dragonboat team based in Duluth, MN. We are racing our way toward World Club Crew Chapionships in Hong Kong, 2012.

WikiWiki Wahine

News and Events

Find WikiWiki Wahine this Summer:

July 25-26th, 2015 - USDBF Club Crew National Championships at Lake Arlington, IL

August 21-22, 2015 Superior - Lake Superior Dragon Boat Races

August 8, 2015 - St. Louis River - Duex Pipe canoe race

Go Forward! Don't Look Back!

Wiki believes in empowering youth to become strong, independent athletes capable of positive contributions to their team. Several youth train and race with Wikiwiki Wahine.

Please consider making a contribution to help support our youth program. Read more.

Contact Wikiwiki Wahine:

Wikiwiki Wahine Dragon Boat Team   .   PO Box 161216   .   Duluth, MN 55816   .      facebookFollow us on facebook