Competition History

National Club Crew Championships

2010 - NATIONAL CHAMPIONS! Premiere Women's Division
Download PDF Results:
    200M     500M     1000M

St. Paul, Lake Phalen Dragon Boat Festival

2011 - 1st overall. Fastest times of the day in all 4 heats. Download PDF Results

Lake Superior Dragon Boat Festival

2014 - 2nd overall - racing as Wiki and Da Boyz. Download PDF Results

2012 - 2nd overall - fastest women’s team - fastest time of the day. Download PDF Results

2011 - 2nd overall - fastest women’s team. Download PDF Results

2010 - 4th overall - fastest women’s team. Download PDF Results

North Shore Dragon Boat Festival

2014 - Wiki and da Boyz - 1st overall. Download PDF Results

2013 - Wiki and da Boyz - 1st overall

2009 - 3rd overall - fastest women's team
2008 - 3rd overall - fastest women’s team
2007 - 4th overall - fastest women’s team
2006 - 2nd overall - fastest women’s team

Oshkosh Dragon Boat Festival

2010- 2nd overall - fastest women’s team. Download PDF Results
2009 - 3rd overall - fastest women's team
2008 - 2nd overall - fastest women’s team

Fastest time of the day

August 25, 2012, Barker's Island, Superior

In 2012 Wikiwiki Wahine celebrated the fastest time of the day after the first round of heats, 2:08:68! We placed second in the Gold Division, after another photo finish, and won the Athletic Division trophy.

Another Strong Finish at Lake Superior

August 27, 2011, Barker's Island, Superior

In 2010 Wikiwiki Wahine made history by being the first women's team to make it to the gold finals at the Lake Superior Dragon Boat Festival. We came in 4th, within one second of 1st.

In 2011 Wikiwiki Wahine again made history by taking 2nd place in the Gold Division! We also won the coveted Athletic Division trophy, having taken 1st in both heats leading up to Finals. Throughout the day, we beat all of the top teams.

Photo Finish at Lake Superior Festival

August 28, 2010, Barker's Island, Superior

Wikiwiki Wahine raced to a photo finish as the only all-women's team in the finals at the Lake Superior Dragon Boat Festival, August 28, 2010 at Barker's Island, Superior, WI.

Photo finish, Lake Superior Dragon Boat Festival

Wikiwiki Wahine ROCKS the National Dragon Boat Championships!

July 23-25, 2010, Chattanooga, TN

Wiki on the water

The primary goal in starting Wikiwiki Wahine was to pull a group of positive women together, to give each other motivation to stay in shape and to have a goal. Our goals have been simply to do well at Dragon Boat Festivals in Grand Marais, MN and Oshkosh, WI, always striving to win of course but our competition was always experienced mixed teams. We really wanted some competition from strong, experienced Women's teams. Our coach, Ron Deters looked at our times and those of the top Club Crew teams in the Nation and felt we would have a chance to do well at the National level. We decided to go to the National Club Crew Championships last year and the off season training began. We hit the water early with intense intervals and long, distance days in marathon racing canoes. We got in the Dragon Boat to practice three times to polish our race plan before heading to Chattanooga Tennessee.

Nationals was composed of three days of Dragon Boat racing. Several teams competed for the right to represent the USA at the World level in Hong Kong, China in 2012. Only one team in each division earned that right. Wikiwiki Wahine is honored to be able to represent the USA in China in the Premiere Women's Division!

Chattanooga experienced the hottest weekend of the summer with heat indexes of 110 degrees. This team from the Northland had some adjustments to make. Staying in the shade and remaining hydrated was a focus to keep healthy all weekend long. The human body is amazing though and clearly, we all fared well.

Day 1

Day one was the 500, the pinnacle distance in Dragon Boat racing.
Wikiwiki Wahine powered it through the finish, winning all three heats, continuing to improve time throughout the day. WWW's first time was 2:13.44. Improvement came in the Semi Final heat with a time of 2:12.88. WWW's Final heat left fire on the water crossing the finish line at 2:07.34.

500m final heat
1st Place: Wikiwiki Wahine 2:07.34
2nd Place: DB Charleston 2:16.69
3rd Place: Philadelphia Flying Phoenix 2:16.88
4th Place: Schuylkill Dragons 2:19.59

Day 2

Day two was the 200m ... DASH! This race is a fabulous all out from beginning to end sprint. Wikiwiki swept the day taking three first place finishes once again.

200m final heat
1st Place: Wikiwiki Wahine 00:52.969
2nd Place: Philadelphia Flying Phoenix 00:54.037
3rd Place: DB Charleston 00:56.372
4th Place: Schuylkill Dragons 00:58.291

Day 3

Going into Day three, Wikiwiki Wahine knew they had the Championships wrapped up because of point totals. There was only one heat in the 1000m distance. WWW's Final Time in the 1000m was a respectable second, putting Wikiwiki Wahine on top in points by a large margin and giving the team the berth for the Club Crew World Championships in Hong Kong, China in 2012.

1000m final heat
1st Place: Philadelphia Flying Phoenix 4:42.750
2nd Place: Wikiwiki Wahine 4:43.030
3rd Place: DB Charleston 4:43.910
4th Place: Schuylkill Dragons 4:49.690

Women's Dragonboat Team

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