Ron Deters, Wikiwiki Wahine Coach

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Ron Deters

Coach Ron Deters has been racing canoes and kayaks since he was 12 years old. He has a passion for paddling and skills that have earned him many victories including 2nd in the National Canoe and Kayak Championships in 2006. His knowledge of physiology and paddling technique has been invaluable for the team.


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About Wikiwiki Wahine

Wikiwiki Wahine

Wikiwiki Wahine (pronounced wah-hee-nay) is a Women's Dragon Boat Team, started in 2006. In Hawaiian, our team name translates to "Speedy Women". Our goal is to have a great time and WIN! As one man said, as he watched Wikiwiki Wahine paddle to the start line, "Now there goes a force to contend with!"

A wide range of ages are represented on our team, from 15 to 71. The variety of women adds so much richness to our team.


Ron Deters

Team Manager

Julie Deters

Wikiwiki Wahine Women

Amanda George
Amy Larson
Andrea Radke
Belissa Ho (drummer)
Binner Rahn
Catherine Long
Christine Hansen
Clara Salveson
Dee Angradi
Diane Anderson
Elizabeth Tressel
Ellen Law (steer)
Emily Peterson
Ingrid Evavold
Io Harberts
Jane Reed

Jen Pearson
Julie Deters
Kathy Brimeyer
Krista Matison
Lani Dalbacka
Laurie Anderson
Leah Kurth
Lisa Brown
Lori Boughton
Linda Cook
Maren Hagen
Mary Schumacher
Patti Harvieux
Peg Apka
Sue Wilmes

Women's Dragonboat Team

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